Saturday, October 20, 2012

How much does your steak cost?

The steak craze has hit Manila, and I'm surprised at the prices at which some establishments sell a steak meal. Maybe it's because I'm not a restauranteur (yet) but let's compare the steaks out there to our organic steaks.

It's common knowledge that most organic products are way more expensive than its conventional counterpart. Vegetables cost double or more than normal veggies but at The Farm Organics, we wanted to make our healthy beef can be affordable to anyone--less than 50% more than conventional beef!

Even better news is that our certified organic steaks are more affordable than good quality imported steaks.

After some research here's what we found out:
Most imported (non-organic) steaks are double the price we sell at or at our retail outlets.

A frozen uncooked 12 ounce imported Ribeye steak costs around P800-900 per piece while our organic Ribeye costs P410. One of the reasons we can keep our prices lower is because we don't import it--it comes straight from our farm. Another is that we don't need to buy a ton of feed to give our cattle. 90% of their diet is grass.

I only compared our steaks to the good quality imported steaks because our steaks are tender. Local conventional steaks don't even come close. Don't take my word for it, check out our stores here: or order online at

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